Monday, May 5, 2014

Assessment: Pages 92-100

As everyone is well aware, we do plenty of assessment, but do we do it well?  I am going to leave this one very open for opinions simply because we have worked a lot on assessments.

     - Do they drive our instruction?
     - Are they aligned to our goals?
     - Do we take the time to properly analyze what they are telling us?


  1. I believe they do drive our instruction. As we assess our assessments, major concepts are first considered and measured appropriately and at varying DOK levels. This then drives our instruction making sure it is appropriate, consistent and accurate. Yes, they are aligned to our goals. CC is a foundation for our instruction and assessments. Do we take the time to analyze items properly...good question...could always use more time for this. There are many different ways you can analyze data and to what depth...don't have a good answer...

  2. Assessments have been important in 8th math classes. We continue to use this data productively to identify struggling learners, to place in math matters, to refine our math curriculum, to show growth throughout the year, etc.
    Unfortunately we have to catch ourselves at times (barriers reading section) and not use assessments for the sake of using assessments...this is not always easy to do!!!
    Seems like the biggest loser with this might be kids at the top. In the crunch to complete our days, lessons, homework, etc I can't tell you what a positive relief it is to see a score that is 'passing' and not 'failing'. I find that I need to force myself to touch base with some of these kids doing well because way too often they are taken for granted. I try to keep working on improving at this...
    Hope I have not quoted, cited, posted or published any contents either in print or electronically from our reading